Saturday, April 5, 2014

New blog, moving away from Nanoc

OK, after a long time of procrastination I'm starting a new blog. This time I'm going to use a simpler platform (blogger), that requires almost zero configuration, so it won't be an excuse to prevent me from making posts.

Just in case anyone asks if nanoc was making it harder for me to post, it wasn't. I even encouraged the company which I used to work for to make their site with nanoc, and I helped with that of course. But for my personal blog I think it's just a bad idea.

In my opinion, nanoc is awesome, but it takes a while to configure your own blog with it. And for someone like me who can use anything as a good excuse to avoid posting, having a pre-requisite like finish setting up the blog with nanoc before actually making posts is a pretty bad idea. Sadly, it took a while for me to admit that.

Anyway, let's see how it goes with this one. I intend to post things related to my recent tests and findings with HTML5, and even things related to my work if that's possible, which could be things like EFL, Wayland, or any other thing that I might be working in the future.

Just in case you wanna check my previous blog, here is the link to it.